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Gracie the Goblin Hunter

Front cover low res

Having been victorious over the ghosts, Gracie turns to a new, more fearsome foe: goblins. A chance encounter with the creatures turns into a full-scale rescue operation when Gracie’s baby brother is kidnapped and taken to the notorious Goblin World. With help from best friend Clara, Gracie’s stuffed cat Mr. Jippers, and Clara’s annoying little brother Stuart, Gracie must deal with deadly traps, vicious creatures, and shocking surprises to rescue her brother from the evil goblin witch Karmen and her three sons. It will require determination, teamwork, and plenty of help from some magical swords for this crazy rescue plan to have any chance of success.

Find Gracie the Goblin Hunter on Amazon here.

Shadow House


Shadow House new cover 2

Racked with grief after the murder of his family, New York City attorney Scott Bennett leaves it all behind for a new life in the North Carolina countryside. Little does he know the house he purchases is notorious, not only for its haunted activity, but also for the deep secrets it holds.

Faced with an otherworldly onslaught, Scott must not only begin believing what he had always denied, but he is also forced to face his personal demons. Within his network of friends are secrets, some which might prove downright fatal as the group faces off against a long-forgotten, insidious force.

Shadow House is currently off the market while getting a complete remodel. .

Gracie the Ghost Eater

Gracie 1 paperback cover final front cover only copy

Gracie has an unusual appetite for ghosts, which she has kept secret from everyone she knows, even her parents. After Gracie’s parents move to a new house located directly across the street from an old cemetery, her late-night eating habits spin so out of control that the ghosts have had enough. The infamously corrupt Ghost Council takes her by force to the underworld where she faces severe punishment for her crimes against the dead. The only chance Gracie has to make it back to the land of the living is to complete three seemingly impossible tasks which have been chosen by the ghosts, and they are not about to make things easy on her! Gracie must rely on all of her cunning and the help of a few unexpected friends to return home safely, learning along the way that she truly is stronger than she believes.

Gracie the Ghost Eater can be purchased at Amazon and many other retailers.

Full-time automotive writer, editor, and author. Sometimes I tell stories about the machines which move humanity, and sometimes I tell other stories which do the same.

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