I’ve been busy writing and editing lately, so busy that I just realized it’s been longer than I had planned between blog posts. While I’m coming up with a better strategy to keep this blog rolling with regular updates, I wanted to put out a call for an illustrator.

I’m in need of an illustrator for a book cover and possibly some interior illustrations. What it will ultimately come down to is if I feel the artist has a good understanding of the look and feel I’m going for.

This is for a middle-grade book, actually the second Gracie book. The arrangement I had for an illustrator didn’t pan out for reasons beyond my control.

If this works out, I’ll have more work for the illustrator, since I’d like to not only write and publish more Gracie novels, but also do a second edition for the first one with a new cover and possibly interior illustrations.

If you know anyone who does illustrations, feel free to pass this post or my info along to them. Or reach out to me and I can contact them. While I’d love to get my next book published sooner than later, I’m also willing to hold out for the right illustrator, so if I haven’t updated this post it probably means I’m still looking.

I’m moving full steam ahead on more books, so don’t worry about this hiccup with the cover keeping me tied up. However, the process of getting a book from concept to finished product isn’t quick by any means. But with the new process I’m instituting I should have a steady flow of books publishing before too long — details will be coming as I have them.

Full-time automotive writer, editor, and author. Sometimes I tell stories about the machines which move humanity, and sometimes I tell other stories which do the same.

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